4 Best Benefits of Property Guardians for Business

4 Best Benefits of Property Guardians for Business

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Sometimes you have no alternative but to leave a business property empty. You may be waiting to sell your office space, or you may have a public building that is being relocated, with the original site waiting for development. You could be keeping a property empty until the right business opportunity comes along. It can be prudent to keep a business property vacant in financial terms, but it can also be a risk.

With an empty property you risk theft and criminal damage, as well as squatters and the difficulty of removing them. The property guardianship scheme is designed to remove these risks and keep vacant business and residential property safer and more secure, while also providing people with low cost accommodation. Here’s why a property guardian scheme could be the best fit for your business.

  1. Cost Saving Benefits

Property Guardians help your business save money. When you have an empty property you are generally losing money, but using a property guardianship scheme can stop this. You can reduce empty building rates that are associated with commercial buildings while maintaining building security.


  1. Stay in Line with Building Regulations

You don’t need to have any knowledge about building regulations or operational requirements when you use a property guardian scheme. Signing up for the scheme allows you to take advantage of the professional knowledge of the property company and you can be sure you will not be breaking any empty building regulations or other rules.

  1. Keep Your Business Property Secure

With property guardians in place, reduce the risk of squatting, arson, metal theft, traveller invasion, anti-social behaviour such as parties and gatherings, criminal damage, theft, burst water pipes and water damage from flooding, pest infestation, contamination with asbestos, overgrown vegetation, and property dereliction that can drive down the value of a property. All these factors are highly important when you want to sell the building or use it again at a later date.

  1. Ethical and Community Standards

An empty property is a waste in cities where thousands of people are homeless or living in substandard accommodation. By using your empty property for property guardians you maintain your building within the community and benefit people who are looking for low-cost accommodation. Using a property guardian company that has an emphasis on community and volunteering is also a good way of showing that your business is actively involved in the community and gives something back. You benefit your business with cost savings as well as help benefit others in the community by using a building when it would otherwise be standing vacant.

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