A List of Concrete Benefits You can Get from Choosing the Right Label for Your Product

A List of Concrete Benefits You can Get from Choosing the Right Label for Your Product

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It may be tempting to think of a label as a simple way to identify a product – just a little sticker so others would know exactly what it is, when it was made, and who made it. After all, that was (and probably still is) the main reason why labels are used. Think of grandmother storing her homemade strawberry jam in the cellar with a little note that said what it was (so it wouldn’t be confused with cherry jam), a date (to ensure it doesn’t expire soon) and since it was handwritten, you knew where it came from.

But the art and science of labelling has come a long way since then, and companies spend amazing amounts of money just making sure their packaging (including the label) is designed perfectly. Is the labelling that important, then? Yes, it sure is. In fact, the right label may mean the difference between great and mediocre sales. Here’s a list of concrete benefits you can get from choosing the right label for your product.

Product information

It’s essential – the main reason why labelling was invented in the first place. You want your customers to know what the product is all about, what it does for them, what problem it solves, and what they get for their money. This could include nutritional information, directions for use, and storage information.



Yes, be bold and don’t be afraid to promote your product – you can be sure your competition is doing it, so you should play the game and shout the positive aspects without shame. Creating a brand name that they can rely on is one thing; making sure they understand this and keep coming back to you is another. A solid message is essential.

Getting noticed

A typical isle in a supermarket is full of colour and each product wants to be noticed – so it’s important to let your packaging and label stand out and catch the consumer’s attention before the competition gets to them.

Nutritional information

For food products and beverages, this is now essential – not only does the government mandate it, consumers are more and more conscious of their health and want to know what exactly constitutes the product.

And these are just the obvious advantages of having a good label – there are many others that may seem less obvious. A great label makes you curious about the product. It makes the product stand out in the supermarket. It may give information about the proper usage, or suggestions for a recipe. It may lead you to a website or interest you in trying new things. A label is important – very important, as labelling specialists like www.labeller.co.uk, with its advanced labelling machine selection, will attest. Design your label wisely. Your business may depend on it.