Five Top Tips for Getting Branded Clothing Right

Five Top Tips for Getting Branded Clothing Right

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Settling on the right branded clothing can be a surprisingly difficult task, particularly if you’ve not done it before.

There are certain looks, materials and styles which can work brilliantly in some industries and disastrously in others, so there is certainly a lot to consider before you commit to anything.

To make sure you invest in the perfect branded clothing for you and your staff, here are five top tips for getting branded clothing right.

1.Selecting The Right Colours

Every good brand has a distinguishable colour scheme. Something which should be carried across every branded item and platform, from brochures to pens, websites to clothing.

However, it is worth considering how aggressive you are going to be with your brand colours on your branded clothing.

Realistically, this is determined by two things; the industry you operate in and how radical your brand’s colour scheme is.

For example, if you own a solicitor’s firm which has navy blue and lime green as its brand colours, it would be a mistake to decide to kit your team out with entirely lime green suits because it somewhat diminishes the professionalism at first sight.

Take a look at this interesting post from Hubspot which constructs the colour schemes used by some of the world’s biggest brands.

2.Consider Materials

Another important thing to consider in order to get your branded clothing right is to select the correct materials.

Different industries require very specific materials in order to appear presentable or prove to be practical. For example, it’s would be a huge mistake to kit out your staff in branded white dress shirts and suit trousers if they were working on building sites.

3.Use of Logos

A very important decision is the use of logos on your branded clothing, or rather the amount of logos you use.

We spoke to branded clothing creators Stitch Embroidery who explained to us: “The way in which you go about putting logos on your branding clothing can say a lot about your business or industry.”

“In businesses such as restaurants, tech stores or supermarkets, customers are often looking for help or advice. Having branded clothing with clear and multiple logos is perfect in these instances because it makes employees stand out, improving the customer experience.”

4.Create Trust

The key to a successful branded uniform is one which creates trust between the customer and the member of staff.

Providing you get the three previous points right, you should be able to achieve this. By finding the correct colour schemes, amount of logos and materials, your staff should present themselves to customers as someone who is willing and able to help them, regardless of their query.

Just take a look at this post from Reader’s Digest which lists the most trusted brands in the world. It features the likes of McDonald’s as the most trusted fast food restaurant.

This tells you all you need to know because we’d all be lying if we said we couldn’t picture their branded uniforms in a heartbeat.

  1. Find a Signature Item

All of the greatest examples of branded workwear include a particular stand out item. Think about the neckerchiefs of Virgin Atlantic cabin staff as an example, if you were to catch a member of staff walking through an airport without them, you would almost certainly notice.

It’s these signature flourishes which just add that special touch to a uniform to make it stand out from others in your industry, something which is obviously very important.

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