Good Packaging Design Is The Key To Entering The Home

Good Packaging Design Is The Key To Entering The Home

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In recent years, important steps have been taken to make packaging lighter, safer, and more sustainable in relation to the environment.

Going for a good packaging design is often a much-overlooked solution to better marketing and increased sales – all for a comparatively low investment. Experts in packaging design such as are well aware of the importance of creating truly innovative and stand out packaging. This is something which requires a degree of understanding and marketing knowledge often underestimated by many responsible for marketing or promoting the sales of products.

Here are some key points to consider so that your product will go home with the consumer:

It is always necessary to analyse the current environment, the socioeconomic situation and the opportunities that exist within a particular business sector. The strategy of the company needs to offer new products and new services adapted to the current situation. In some cases, mistakes will be made, but in others, success will be achieved. What will definitely not function in the long term is simply standing still – continuing to do things the same way as they have always been done. The business environment changes too rapidly nowadays.

How does the container influence the commercialisation of products for the consumer?

A product by itself on the supermarket shelf is not enough to increase sales. It needs a good packaging that creates an attraction for the consumer towards the product. Especially when a consumer is not clear about their choice of a particular brand. In a world where companies must make themselves known through their brands and constantly seek innovative methods of differentiating themselves, it is increasingly difficult and expensive. But spending on good packaging becomes a good solution for a comparatively low investment as opposed to budget-busting advertising and marketing campaigns. This strategy is not without firm foundations; as it has been corroborated by a study by the prestigious Nielsen consultancy. The study, published in October 2016, included analysis on various aspects of consumer behavior, and, notably, mentioned that “it only takes six seconds for a product to be noticed in a linear display and encourage the consumer to incorporate it into their shopping cart, so good packaging design is key to a product entering the home of the consumer.”

How has packaging evolved in terms of improving the quality and conditions of products?

In recent years, important steps have been taken to make packaging lighter and more sustainable in terms of the environment. Currently, packaging is safer, more ergonomic, and the design continues to take more prominence.

Packaging design is a critical element of the overall product production process as it can have a positive impact at various stages, such as raw materials consumed (and costs), inventory management, logistics, and of course ultimately performing a marketing function, attracting consumers to buy the product when eventually displayed within retail or other commercial establishments.