Have You Suffered from Injury at a Construction Site? What You should Know

Have You Suffered from Injury at a Construction Site? What You should Know

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Building sites are often areas where many accidents occur. Some of these accidents may be minor, but some can, unfortunately, be more severe. There are many hazards associated with construction or building sites, ranging from falling objects to electrical malfunctions, dangerous equipment or tools, and more. If you have suffered an injury due to working at a construction site, then you may well be able to claim compensation, depending on the extent of your injury and your employer’s level of responsibility.

The risks at a construction site

As mentioned, there are many risks associated with working at a construction site. Aside from falling objects, electrical malfunctions, and the like, you also have to contend with risky working processes, such as working with scaffolding and working from a height, working with hoists and lifts, and even working with the risk of collapsing foundations and trenches. Add to this the fact that construction site workers often work in close contact or proximity to each other and the risk of an accident becomes greater.

Common accidents or injuries at a construction site

Some accidents or injuries at a construction site are more common than others, although the range of injuries you can suffer from is quite extensive. Most cases of accidents involve workers falling from a height, workers tripping or slipping, and workers becoming injured due to operating dangerous equipment, machinery, or tools.

Additionally, there are certain cases where workers suffer from conditions related to asbestos exposure, which is all too common in many building sites. Some workers have also reported experiencing skin and breathing problems due to being exposed to cement that contains chromium.

Your employer’s duty

You have rights as a worker at a construction site, and your employer is obligated to protect you and keep you as safe as possible. For instance, your employer is required to perform a risk assessment for devising safe methods of working and safe working procedures. This risk assessment should also be done on a regular basis, depending on how long the project continues.

Your employer is also obligated to check and assess various equipment used in the site, such as hoists, ladders, and scaffolding. Furthermore, your employer should provide you with the proper tools and equipment – tools and equipment that are safe and well-maintained. The proper safety wear (such as hard hats and boots) is also a prerequisite.

Your claim

If you would like to pursue a claim for compensation, you should be able to prove and show that your accident or injury was a result of your employer’s negligence. For work accident claims, you also need to keep all records pertaining to your accident, such as medical receipts and expenses, medical reports, expenses related to travel, proof of loss of earnings, and so on.

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