How to Create a Presentation for Financial Report

How to Create a Presentation for Financial Report

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Movavi Slideshow Maker for Mac is suitable for making a presentation of the financial statement of your company. The slideshow presentation of your company financial report should consists of graphs and charts of the cash flow, and earnings. You should first estimate the length of the slideshow so that you know how many picture slides and song tracks to include. You can prepare these charts and graphs pictures with a third party program.

After you have already prepared the pictures for use in the slides, you must sort them in the proper order before importing them into the slideshow maker software. This can make it easier for you to create the slideshow especially if you are using a large number of photos. You can add a sequential number to the file name of the picture in order to sort them for example 001filename.jpg. The next step is to import the pictures into Movavi Slideshow Maker for Mac by dragging them into the timeline.

Movavi Slideshow Maker for Mac allows you to improve the slideshow with filters and transitions. You don’t have to use a different transition for every slide. It is best to stick to 4 transition styles for your slideshow. You can improve the flow of the slideshow by adding a light song track that is uplifting. If the slideshow is long, you can include a few song tracks. The song tracks that mix together must create a smooth rhythm. The first song track must have a light rhythm. It is important that you choose the song track for the slideshow properly as music plays an important role in affecting the emotion of the audience.

If you want to upload the slideshow to an online slideshow sharing site, it is best that you record your own narration. You can use your phone to record the narration podcast before blending it into the slideshow in Movavi Slideshow Maker for Mac. Adding your own narration will make the slideshow stand out. Short video clips can also be added in between the picture slides. Including short video clips can make your slideshow dynamic and create a long lasting impression that your audience will remember.

When the slideshow reaches the end, there should be an ending. You can use the text feature to add phrase likes “The End” at the end pf the slideshow. You can add as many text blocks as you want with the title styles feature. You must go to the T tab and select the title styles you want before dragging it to the area above the slide where you want it to appear. Movavi Slideshow Maker for Mac allows you to overlay multiple layers of text on the slides without any problem.

It is important that you backup a copy of all the materials you use in creating the slideshow in a folder including pictures, song tracks and video clips. In case you want to make changes, you can always look up for the folder and quickly make the changes.

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