Interviewing Tips

Interviewing Tips

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Are you in line for your dream job? Maybe an opportunity has come about with your current employer that looks like a perfect match. Congratulations to you for taking steps to advance you career. Follow these recommendations from the professionals and you’ll be on your way to nailing your first interview. Keep several things in mind as you prepare for the interview. You would not have been selected for the interview if your accomplishments didn’t meet the qualifications for the job. Second, an interview is a two way street. This is not just an opportunity for you to shine to a hiring manager, but also the chance for you to determine if joining this team is a match for you your career goals.

Do your homework. Learn as much as possible about the hiring company, its products and services as well as competition. A great starting point to get a feel for the culture of the company is the website and any social media pages. Use your networking to uncover as much as possible about the hiring manager. Be prepared to answer standard interview questions. Don’t neglect making a list of question that you would like to have answered about both the company and the open position. Is this a new position? If not, why did the past person leave? Is this a position from which you can be promoted to yet a higher level?  Look past the existing job towards your long term growth prospects at the company.

Look the part.  Rethink heavy bling, piercing and accessorizing. If you’re of the mindset that a certain style of dress defines who you are as a person – it’s time to rethink that. Dress for success in a corporate environment. While this may have become more casual over the years, interviewing is a serious business and dressing for success is so important. You only have one chance to make a first impression. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons  and invest in a new suit or jacket at Sears. Remember, the most important thing to wear to a job interview is a quiet self-confidence and genuine smile. Best of luck to you on your career journey.

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