Portals Based Database Integration

Portals Based Database Integration

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Architectural methods to provision from it applications. Portal based database integration is the perfect method of delivering internet based applications compared to traditional software development methodology. Portal based development offers the tiniest distinct application possible (Portlet) including Presentation, business layers and knowledge layers. The portal framework and architecture supports this, inside a highly flexible application delivery mechanism.

Since these foundations are loosely coupled and highly configurable, you’ll be able to rely on them in lots of applications and potentially within many parts of merely one application. The opportunity of re-me is substantial. Additionally the price of developing portal based applications is potentially lower because of the fact portal platforms provide frameworks, architectures and portlets present with all applications. If the all inclusive costs of possession is recognized as, the price of maintenance and modification towards the application delivered should be incorporated and the price of modifying and looking after a portal based application is gloomier as modification can be created purely through configuration instead of redevelopment.

Evidently this is totally new technology and comes with some obstacles. It’s altering, it offers extra security risk, it offers upfront costs for portal platforms and standards are not yet been completely ratified supplying platform dependencies.

Not all services offer the same kind of web portal development services, and therefore, as a client, you must look for expertise. Don’t choose any random service, unless you have checked their projects or have reviewed their profile in detail.

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