Some Top Factors to Consider when Selecting an Invoice Financing Service

Some Top Factors to Consider when Selecting an Invoice Financing Service

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Any manager will tell you that a good cashflow is crucial to the success of your business – it’s the lifeblood of any business. Unfortunately, it often happens that customers or clients don’t pay their bills on time – or even refuse to pay. It’s a reality that every business has to face, and it can cause a serious interruption in your cashflow. However, an invoice financing service can help you bridge difficult times and still offer you value for invoices that are paid either at the last minute or late. But how do you choose a good invoice financing service? How do you decide? Here are some top factors to consider when selecting an invoice financing service:

See what the service provides

Basically, an invoice servicing provider can help you bridge your cashflow problems by offering to take over the unpaid invoices, taking responsibility for the collection thereof, and offering you a percentage of what they can collect up-front. In essence, you are selling your collectibles (receivables) to the invoice financing service.

The invoice financing service industry is quite competitive and it’s quite possible to get good deals – some services can offer you up to 90% of the total amount specified in the invoices up front; however, this largely depends on the policies of the invoice financing company.

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In general, the cost to you can be classified into two categories – the first is a regular service fee, the other could be a certain amount based on an interest rate charged on the amount specified in the invoices. A service could require one of the two, or both.

Flexibility and sensitivity

You should always remember that the invoice financing service exists to help businesses that are struggling with cashflow problems – the service exists to help you and your business. You should expect a certain amount of flexibility from the service and how they do business with you, regardless of their policies.

Many service providers will only deal with you if you can show that you have a large client base; yet others may be more flexible. Especially if you have only a small number of clients, you should expect some sensitivity from the provider.

It’s a good idea to rely on an invoice financing service (reliable providers such as when things are tight and you need someone to rely on to bridge a difficult time – yet you should feel comfortable with the invoice financing service and it should be a win-win situation for the both of you. Each invoice financing service will have different policies and serve different kinds of clients; it’s important that you can communicate well and understand exactly how they can help you and what they charge.

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