Your Guide to the Green Disposal of Business and Commercial Waste

Your Guide to the Green Disposal of Business and Commercial Waste

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Every business generates some kind of waste. Your small business is not likely to be an exception. Cutting down the amount of waste you generate is of overall importance to the environment, and to your business costs, and you also have other responsibilities to ensure the proper disposal of your business and commercial waste. Take a look at this quick guide to waste disposal so you can make sure your waste management procedure is as green and efficient as possible.

Your Business Responsibilities

The UK government says that your business has a responsibility to keep business waste to the absolute minimum. This means doing all that you can, as circumstances allow, to minimise waste, to reuse items, to recycle, and to recover waste. You also have the responsibility to store waste securely when it is on your premises, and to complete the waste transfer note for any waste that you dispose of. You also need to check that your waste management collection company has the relevant registration and documentation to dispose of waste legally. If you realise your waste management company is disposing of your waste illegally you have the responsibility to report the company.


Green Guide to Storing and Sorting Waste

Waste must be secured in appropriate containers so it does not contaminate the environment or cause a health hazard. Containers should stop waste from entering the environment, as well as include waterproof covers to prevent contaminated water run-off. Waste should be stored in a secure place. You also need to make sure that waste is separated so that it can be appropriately recycled.

Completing a Waste Transfer Note

According to, every load of waste (non-hazardous) that you dispose of from your premises using a waste management company must be accompanied by a waste transfer note or something similar with the same information, such as an invoice.

Environmentally Friendly Waste Disposal

As well as these legal requirements, you also have a responsibility to help the environment by working as much as possible with a recycling scheme and a set of procedures to minimise waste and prevent as much waste as possible from being generated. Looking at ways to recycle and different methods of reusing items helps to cut your waste output. You can also look at ways to cut down on excess packaging in order to minimise your business’s environmental impact in a wider way. If every small business takes even small steps to minimise waste, a lot can be done to help safeguard the environment for the future.